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Although life has put quite a few obstacles in her way, in her artistic direction, from a dysfunctional family, poverty, lack of encouragement and courage, in 2017 she started looking for it again through lessons given to children and creations to help them in a humanitarian association. 

Then in 2020 came the exclusive dedication to her life as a creative artist. She discovered that she can achieve everything she set out to do and she likes good artistic challenges that she gets into without thinking about limitations and built herself  a new life in Brussels.

Her style is an inventive, eclectic one. She gathers atypical elements from life and combines them in the work, like a puzzle, through which she transmits her intimate emotions. Matter dances on a flat support through dynamics and movement. She transmits the expression of things in an atypical context where it seems that things have no place together.

She aims to bring light into people's souls and homes through her works and her light sculptures, to have as many solo exhibitions as possible, all over the world, currently only exhibitions with other artists, and her own gallery where she can promote novice artists with potential and originality.

Her art is under the influence of the artist Vincent Van Gogh who marked me through the life he had, the dedication for art and creation and the sacrifices made to be able to create for humanity. She loved the brush style and the power in his colors. She has read every book she could find and watched every movie that has been made about him.

 Another artist she feels connected to is Leonardo da Vinci for his ingenuity and the interweaving of several arts and crafts to bring the projects as close as possible to the realization and they have something in common, they quickly get bored of the work started and they like to expand in many artistic fields. 

The artist who follows her and whom she has not inserted his style in her works yet, although she really wants to, is Salvador Dali, a genius, in whose works you discover something else every time you look at. Mysterious, playful, with an extraordinary self-confidence, he is a model for her.

Claude Monet makes her heart rejoice through the colors used, the style of painting, and the perspective used.

From small sketches to large scale projects, my her is a highly-personal reflection of herself.

If you would like to find out more about the artistic process, visit her website and get in touch.

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